Welcome to the AFUM information website. This site exists to provide you with information about AFUM, its importance to the faculty and to provide with information about the many benefits of membership in AFUM, which was created by state law in 1976.  Click here for a brief history of AFUM.

AFUM is the only faculty organization that has a contract with the University of Maine system. All faculty committees are “advisory” and their advice may be accepted or rejected by the administration. The AFUM contract is a legally binding document that governs the behavior of both parties. It has legal standing in court and with arbitrators.

When tenured faculty were retrenched at USM, there were protests by the Faculty Senate and censure from the AAUP, but it was AFUM that invested the time and money to take the case to arbitration (we are expecting a ruling soon). AFUM represents over 1,000 faculty members and is affiliated with the much larger Maine Education Association (about 24,000 members) and the National Education Association (3 million members). AFUM and its allies can be an effective voice for faculty as the University of Maine system goes through massive reorganization and restructuring.

AFUM membership has many benefits for you. If you are ever called in for an administrative review, you have the right to have an AFUM representative present with you at the hearing. Membership brings with it a $1,000,000  educator liability policy. There are many other benefits to membership that are detailed here.

Most importantly, your membership means that you support the role of the faculty in the governance of the University of Maine system. If you are not already a member, please join us. AFUM is your union and is dedicated to building a better university.

Below are the primary officers of the statewide organization. Please look at the campus pages to find your local representatives. For more information about AFUM go here.

AFUM State President

Jim McClymer
University of Maine
206 Bennett Hall

MEA UniServ Director

Stephanie Von Glinsky
29 Christopher Toppi Drive
South Portland ME 04106
774-6133 or 1-800-750-8801, Ext. 2307

MEA UniServ Assistant

Sarah Nichols
35 Community Drive, Augusta ME 04330
207-622-4418, Ext. 2208