HomeUSMLetter of Resignation from USM Professor Lucinda Cole

May 1, 2016

Dear Dean Tuchinsky, Provost Diddle Uzzi, and President Cummings,

I hereby resign my position at the University of Southern Maine, where I have been a tenured faculty member since 1996.

I do not resign my commitment to the principles of the AAUP, which has seen to fit censure this institution for failing to live up to institutional standards.

I do not resign my belief that the current administration continues in the path of the previous ones, using their positions to promote their own administrative careers.

I do not resign my commitment to educational institutions in which faculty, both tenured and nontenured, are treated like highly-trained professionals and paid a living wage.

I do not resign my belief that those who administer such institutions should themselves be successful scholars and teachers, rather than businessmen or politicians whose degrees are bought online.

I do not resign my faith in the power of faculty, students, and people everywhere to stand up against the cynical redistribution of public resources away from faculty and scholarships and into the pockets of administrators, software developers, and educational consultants.


Lucinda Cole
Visiting Associate Professor of English
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

Reprinted with permission. Posted at the request of Prof. Susan Feiner, President, AFUM USM