By law, all faculty who work for the University of Maine System are automatically included in the AFUM Bargaining Unit. This means that they are covered by the provisions of the contract that AFUM negotiates with the University of Maine System, even if they are not members of AFUM. All faculty are entitled to having AFUM Representation with them when they are involved in an Administrative or Disciplinary Hearing. However, if matters escalate to a level where legal representation or arbitration is required, only AFUM members get financial support at these levels. Give the great expense of legal help and arbitration this is a significant benefit to members. Also, only members are eligible to vote on the contract or serve on any of the AFUM committees. More information about AFUM representation is available here. One of the main uses for membership dues is to build up funds that can be used for legal and arbitration services.

AFUM negotiates the details of the medical insurance offered by the University of Maine System. It has required a lot of energy and creativity to keep health care costs to the levels that they are at now. Without AFUM’s efforts, all faculty would be paying substantially more for health insurance. Helpful information for minimizing your health care costs is available here.

AFUM, MEA and NEA provide other benefits besides representation and defense. Some of these benefits can save members substantial sums. In particular, some members have realized very large savings in home and auto insurance policies. For a description of NEA Benefits click here. For a description of MEA Benefits click here.