This page contains helpful information about reaching your Level 1 incentives and saving substantially on your health insurance benefits. The following notes were put together by AFUM Vice President Jim McClymer. We have added some handy links to his text.

Dear Colleagues,
I recently attempted to log into the Provant website to earn my level 1 Wellness
Incentive. The process was not as straightforward as it should have been. Below is
information I hope will make the process easier for you and a review of changes in
Level 1.

  1. Log into the Provant website (
  2. YOU WILL NEED to Sign UP for a NEW ACCOUNT even if you had an
    account in previous years.
  3. In order to create a new account you will need to enter your id in a specific
  4. If my first name is John, my UMS id is 1234567 and I was born on the 4th of July (0704) I would enter my ID as
  5. Yes, your first name MUST be all capitalized!
  6. If you click the question mark in the ID field it will download a pdf giving instructions. These instructions are good. They are also available here: Portal_registration_help
  7. Once you have successfully registered your ID is NOW your email address (no longer JOHN12345670704) .
  8. Your spouse/partner use the same ID number as you but their own name and birthdate.

I have already editorialized over the extremely poor implementation of simply
logging into the Provant site. It appears that some improvements have already
been made since Tuesday. This is a good thing. Once you are logged in WHAT DO YOU DO?

In order to reach Level 1 you have two choices:

Choice A) Register and meet (physically or over phone) with a health coach.
Choice B) Have a preventive health visit [• Annual physical • Routine OB/GYN visit
• Mammogram • Cervical cancer screening • Colonoscopy ] AND complete
ONE Portal workshop on the Provant site.

If you and spouse/partner covered by UMS then you both must complete Level 1.

When? Coaching sessions between December 1, 2015 and March 31,2016 will earn you Level 1. Obviously delaying until March may have issues.
Preventive care visits that occur between April 1, 2015 and March 31,2016 will
count for Level 1.

What is a preventive health visit? It is all in the coding. The list of preventive care
is above and in the 2016_RiseUp_Wellness_Guide. In simple terms; if you did not pay a co-
pay it was likely a preventive health visit.

In Solidarity,
Jim McClymer,
AFUM Vice President