A key AFUM activity is representing faculty during administrative proceedings.


In NLRB v. J. Weingarten, Inc., 420 US 251 (1975), the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that unionized employees have the right under the National Labor Relations Act to the presence of a union representative during any management inquiry that the employee reasonably believes may result in discipline.  We advise you to make the following statement, printed on the back of your MEA membership card, before such a meeting with your supervisor or another administrator:

If this discussion could in any way lead to my being disciplined or terminated, or affect my personal working conditions, I respectfully request that my union representative, officer, or steward be present at the meeting.  Without representation, I choose not to answer any questions.

Any faculty member who is facing administrative or disciplinary action should contact their local AFUM chapter for assistance as soon as possible after learning of the action.