Please contact your campus Grievance Officer (see below) for assistance with a grievance.

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Grievance is a contractual process whereby an AFUM member or members can seek a remedy from an administrator for a violation of the contract. Rules govern the back-and-forth of grievances. The faculty member submits a grievance form, usually with the help of their local chapter Grievance Officer (see list below); administrators often utilize the help of Human Resources (HR) in addressing grievances. Grievances can move through several “Steps” on a particular campus before ending up at the System level. If no resolution is reached, the Statewide Grievance Committee (see membership below) will consider taking the case to arbitration.

You cannot file a grievance against a member of the AFUM bargaining unit. If you have a concern (not related to an equal opportunity issue) with a faculty member, staff member, or student, please contact your campus HR office. If you are concerned about discrimination or harassment based on gender, sexuality, gender expression, ethnicity, race, national origin, age, religion, veteran’s status, ability, or transgender status you should talk with your campus EO office. Because these issues may intersect with contractual issues, AFUM can help direct you to the appropriate assistance, including use of our grievance services.

AFUM Chapter Grievance Officers 2023

AFUM Statewide Grievance Committee 2023

  • Paul Johnson, Chair (USM)
  • Mellisa Clawson (UMF)
  • Peter Precourt (UMA)
  • Michael Grillo (UM)
  • Jamie Moriera (UMM)
  • Lisa Leduc (UMPI)
  • Lisa Lavoie (UMFK)

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